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Logistically Odd

We split up this Thanksgiving; Kevin took the kids to his parents’ for the holiday, while I attended my cousin’s wedding. A little odd for us, but just made sense logistically this year. They managed to get a nice family photo! (That’s Kevin, Kavi, and Anand on the left.)


Nice family moment yesterday I just wanted to note — Kavi is reading Dubliners in high school, and I mentioned to her that I teach “Araby” out of that, and she was assigned to read that story for today, so when she was doing homework yesterday, she asked if I would read it to her, …

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Foam Light Saber Battle

We’re doing an extended birthday celebration for Anand over the next few weeks, due to circumstances (mostly Mommy having a bad cold, and also being out of town helping my parents next weekend). We’re going to do an escape room in a few weeks, for example. But he did get a few presents yesterday — …

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Morning Anand

Just some pics of morning Anand, who is very excited that there are only a few weeks left of school. Is it a little disheartening for a teacher to see how much her child wants teaching to stop? Maybe a little! At age 12 and 3/4, he is getting taller and his voice is deeper, …

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The Luckiest Amma

It’s Kavi’s 15th birthday today, so I made her bombatoast for breakfast. She ate two pieces, which I consider a triumph since on school days she tends to run out the door without breakfast despite all my pleading. Kavi is the best daughter (yes, yes, I know many of you think you have the best …

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