Serendib Kitchen

A Tower of Sweets

I scooted myself down to the basement this morning, and Anand carried many things upstairs for me. I’m amused that he decided to build a tower of the sweet boxes.

Kevin on Marshmallow Duty

Kevin made this batch of marshmallows (passion fruit, vanilla, and rose) entirely for me, so I’d have some ready for tomorrow’s Valentine’s market. I just sat on the couch and answered the occasional question.

Kevin Can Cook

It’s so nice that Kevin can cook — I asked him yesterday if he’d make a Sri Lankan beef curry for me, and he did. He doesn’t even need a recipe at this point. It’s not exactly like mine or my mother’s, but close enough. Finished off the green beans from a few days ago, …

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Last Order Shipped

Last order shipped today (more will go out tomorrow, I want to do a little more polishing work on a few of the resin pieces first) — two tea towels, a salvia resin pendant, and lots of milk toffee. Excellent.

Why Choose?

Milk toffee or passionfruit marshmallows? So hard to choose! Why choose? Get both! Also some scarves and a cookbook. I don’t know if this is being distributed to multiple people, or all for one lucky person. Both options are good.

Superheroes and Sweets

Reading Wild Cards superhero stories in Joker Moon will be sweeter accompanied by passionfruit marshmallows dipped in dark chocolate…

Order Speculation

Milk toffee and a paperweight, in the mail. Will someone nibble on the milk toffee while contemplating the paperweight? Perhaps! I like to speculate about the orders that go out the door….