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Little Bits of Cooking

Little bits of cooking from the last few weeks. Seasoned onions, breakfast of mackerel & egg curry on toast, salad with apricots and blue cheese, breakfast of scrambled eggs, naan, and seeni sambol, Vietnamese-style spicy-sweet shrimp on rice. Summer means I have more time to actually cook. It’s nice.

Another Box of Books

It’s always satisfying when I have to order another box of books because I’ve sold out. The paperbacks are smaller than the hardcover, because we left the photos out to help keep the price down — $30, instead of $40 (currently on sale for $25). I include a card linking to an online archive of …

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A Cunning Plan Set in Motion

So here’s my plan to convince Kavi to start making me salads — first I will start making fabulous salads, and then she’ll decide to make them, and I will lounge on the couch. Tonight’s salad from the cookbook Mixt: grilled chicken and asparagus, roasted fingerling potatoes, cherry tomatoes, toasted pine nuts, shaved Parmesan, champagne-shallot-Dijon …

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Babysitting Gigs

Kavi has a babysitting gig this morning — she’s done a tiny bit of babysitting before, pre-pandemic, but more as a mother’s helper, where the mom stayed in the home. Today is full-on babysitting, and I think she’ll do great; she really likes little kids, is very responsible, has done the YMCA babysitting course, etc. …

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Hoppers for Breakfast

A few pics from the last few days; Benjamin Rosenbaum drove back from WisCon with me and crashed at the house that night. Kavi ended up playtesting a game Ben and his son Noah designed (she said it was fun!), and I made him hoppers for breakfast, since he’d never had them before. Not my …

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Spice Blending With Mary Anne

You can’t read this article unless you’re a Tribune subscriber, but among other things, it’s telling you that I’m teaching a spice-mixing class next week for the Naperville public library. (If there are any librarians reading this, please consider me for your programming needs. I love doing both in-person and Zoom events, and am delighted …

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