I started making collages in the spring of 2001, mostly as a break from banging my head against the computer. Much to my surprise, I found that not only did I enjoy making them, but that I was pretty pleased with the results. It’s really a pleasure to take a poem and make a unique piece of art out of it. Eventually, I tried book-making and acrylic painting too. I still feel like I have an awful lot to learn on the art front, but it’s a lot of fun learning.

I work pretty slowly, and sell most of my work at WisCon, or give it away as gifts. But if you want to buy one of my remaining pieces, you can find them on Etsy.




  • and we go spinning ($60) — silver metal ferris wheel frame, layered glass, torn translucent paper, dried flowers, poetry
  • And the sea is shaking… ($55, 8×10) –watercolor on canvas, layered tissue paper, sand, poetry, glass, shells,feathers
  • A Poet’s Journey — Japanese book cloth, book board, handmade textured paper, charcoal paper, dried flowers and leaves, poetry
  • Beneath the Lemon Tree (8×10) — rose petal and leaf paper, translucent paper, poetry, gold wire, metal openwork frame
  • bharatha natyam dancers (11×14) — acrylic painting on canvas
  • the bones want to fly ($60, 14×18) –slight waves of etched glass, scattered thyme (time), translucent paper, poetry, rosemary for remembrance, sage (wisdom), feathers


  • The Fallen Star ($60) — quilted silk sari fabric, hand-sewn binding, hand-made paper, braided silk embroidery thread bookmark, sterling silver star
  • Fraying Edges ($90, 14×18) — handmade paper, rose petals, translucent paper, poetry
  • Fringes ($40, 10×14) — cobalt and silver glitter, glass, handmade paper, translucent paper, poetry
  • Her Body Awakened (8×10) — lapis lazuli and amethyst paint, silver wire, silver paint, poetry, crimson paint, gold wire, gold paint
  • Invocation ($40, 10×14) — sage leaves, rose petals, glass, handmade paper, translucent paper, poetry
  • Karina and Me — Japanese book cloth, book board, textured silver paper, charcoal paper, digital photographs, poetry
  • Leilani ($75) — crocheted scarf, handmade from yarn woven by Nepalese women, salvaged from sari material cut off the ends of the loom
  • Minal in Winter ($50) — red silk sari fabric, book board, decorative paper, story, peacock feather
  • October Song ($100) — five coasters and holder: translucent paper, poetry, gerbera daiseis, fern, rose petals, leaves, wildflowers, glass, silver foil, silver wire, green glass bead
  • One of the ways… ($60, 6.5×9) — translucent and colored paper, glass, silver chain, digital photo, poetry
  • Orange After Midnight (5×7) — handmade paper, translucent paper, poetry, digital photos, rose petals
  • Poem for a University ($75, 20×30) –translucent paper, layered glass, gerbera daisy petals, digital photos from the University of Chicago, poetry
  • Renewal ($60, 9×12.5) — paper, handmade paper, poetry, dried roses
  • Rice ($30, 5×7) — translucent paper, handmade paper, poetry, rice
  • Season of Marriage — Japanese book cloth, archival-quality materials, hand-sewn binding, 22K gold chain and filigree heart bookmark
  • Stone and Wave ($40, 10×14) — sea shells, stones, and a feather from San Francisco’s Ocean Beach, translucent paper, poetry, the Tamil characters for the word “love” in silver ink
  • Tree of Fire and Rain ($200) — silver and grey wire, purple glass candle holder, glittery beads, silk ribbons, embroidered sari fabric