“A collection drawing from the many areas of Mary Anne Mohanraj’s work, Silence and the Word includes everything from enticing erotica to Sri Lankan-American immigrant tales, from romantic poetry to provocative essays, like “Esthely Blue” (a magical-realist semi-autobiographical story of sex, work, and disappearing body parts), “At the Gates of the City” (a Mormon ghost story), and the award-winning story “A Gentle Man” (an affecting tale of an immigrant father’s attempt to reconcile his own yearning for home with his children’s individual needs and desires).

Mohanraj boldly explores sexuality, ethnicity, and their interactions with the human heart.”

“Readers call the shots in these titillating original books, written by premier erotica  authors, which allow you to live out your most uninhibited erotic fantasies. Kathryn in the City follows “you,” as Kathryn, from a small Indiana town to San Francisco, where you decide whether to pursue a relationship with a sexy post-doctoral student, have a dalliance with a lesbian stripper, or shag your gay roommate’s boyfriend, to name just a few of the possible fantasies you can choose from along your narrative journey. But always beware of the perils of big-city life that might leave you imprisoned in a dark dungeon with nary a Prince Charming in sight.”

 “Readers call the shots in these titillating original books, written by premier erotica authors, which allow you to live out your most uninhibited erotic fantasies. The Classics Professor is a beautiful woman at a prestigious New York university whose cold professional façade masks a powerful eroticism. Dr. Wendy Lake wants to seduce you, and a disastrous relationship has left you vulnerable to her advances. You’re fascinated and intimidated. When the affair becomes dangerously intense, you’ll have to decide whether you will submit to all her perversions, such as attending pan-sexual orgies in midtown; escape the pressure through a fling with a nubile university co-ed; or drop out of graduate school altogether.”

“Fast on the heels of the wildly popular Aqua Erotica, Wet finds a new group of writers (and some familiar favorites) exploring the depths of love, lust, and the infinite possibilities of water. An illicit flirtation between a Japanese schoolgirl and an older man leads to a most unconventional tea ceremony. An aging couple reclaim their youthful sexuality on a stormy Sunday morning. And two participants in a reality TV show discover the benefits of being stranded together on a remote desert island. Designed to withstand the elements, Wet’s sleek, sexy, waterproof pages can safely travel with you to your favorite aquatic environment, whether it be the beach, the pool, or a quiet candle-lit bath. Thoughtfully compiled by Mary Anne Mohanraj, the stories in Wet cover the spectrum of erotic tastes and inclinations and promises to tantalize those daring enough to test its waters.”

“Imagine a hot tub party where a married couple tests the boundaries of fidelity. A model who finds herself unaccountably aroused as she poses for a watercolor artist. A pool of water on a desert road and two lovers who know how to make the most of it. This is Aqua Erotica, a sensuous tasting of desire’s liquid, ecstatic other worlds. Aqua Erotica is a siren’s song, a book so unforgettably sexy that you will want to take it with you to the bath, the sauna, the night-lit pool. What’s amazing is that you can. The first-ever waterproof book for adults. The most seductive collection of original literary erotica ever gathered under one cover. Aqua Erotica is a book that quite literally goes places you never imagined books could go. Featuring today’s boldest erotic voices.”

Mary Anne Mohanraj has been publishing literary erotica on the Internet for five yeas, with more than 500,000 “hits” (visits) to her web site in one year. Her work has appeared in a score of magazines and anthologies. Torn Shapes Of Desire contains forty of her short stories and poems, some of which have never been in print before. Her mix of style, genre and setting is evocative — with stories to suit many tastes and orientations. Torn Shapes Of Desire also includes an interview with other writers of Internet erotica and essays discussing healthy sexuality and free speech on the Internet. Torn Shapes Of Desire is a benchmark publication, representing as it does, what the new media of the internet can generate for the reading public. — Midwest Book Review