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In March 2020, Mary Anne hauled out her sewing machine and started sewing masks. After several months of that, she started designing her own fabric (some of it, like “Heartplanets,” in collaboration with her daughter, Kavi Whyte), which is now available through Spoonflower as both fabric and already-sewn home decor items.

Her designs are inspired by her garden, South Asian heritage, science fiction / fantasy / literary themes, and general geekery. Check them out here:

You can also purchase custom scarves and other items handmade by Mary Anne in her Serendib Shop:

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Sewing an Apron

Did you have an exciting Friday night? Mine was spent sewing an apron. I’ve never sewn an apron before, so it was exciting to me.

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Flower Tatoos

One last set of pics from Saturday’s little maker faire at the house, including the earrings I bought myself for Mother’s Day. I’ve done a

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Scenes From an Arts Fair

Katie Schweitzer and her sister on my porch. Her work is so lovely and cheery and adorable. She’s also way better at branding and labelling

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