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I garden in Oak Park, IL (zone 6a); I started working primarily with perennial successions, but am now branching out, after ten years, into more annuals and vegetables. 

Check out my garden romance, Perennial

Perennial is a combination of breast cancer memoir and garden romance, a sweet little chapbook of about 14,000 words of fiction and a dozen autobiographical poems.

“Can I help you?” The woman in the front section of Devan McLeod’s garden shop had been wandering aimlessly about the store for a full twenty minutes. Usually he tried not to pester the customers; after eleven years in America, he still hadn’t dropped all of his more reserved habits; his Scottish father had been the strong, silent type. But his Indian mother came from shopkeeper roots, and he could just hear her scolding him now. Take care of your customers, son, and they’ll take care of you. He really ought to Skype them; it’d been too long.”

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An Old Slow Girl

Ellie with the crocuses. She’s an old slow girl, now, but she loves going out and sniffing the air while I’m puttering in the garden.

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