Serendib Kitchen

Marshmallow Whipping

30 seconds of passionfruit marshmallows whipping. (Whip it good.)   30 seconds of marshmallows whipping (near the end of the process, just before adding the vanilla).  

Questions that Need Answers

The jaggery milk toffee experiment came out well, whew! It has been dutifully packed up all pretty (along with an order of passionfruit marshmallows, an order of freshly-roasted curry powder, and a copy of Feast) for its intended recipient. I would’ve been sad if I’d ruined a whole batch of milk toffee by daring to …

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Butter Melting ASMR

30 seconds of watching and listening butter melt into the jaggery milk toffee, which might have been nice ASMR, if it weren’t for the impatiently barking Ellie who really thought I should be getting her evening treats instead of wasting my time cooking…