What’s Blooming This Week?

What’s Blooming This Week?​ Blooming this week. Names and notes on photos. Native perennial shooting stars; prefers part-sun, lovely under the dappled shade of deciduous trees. Comes in white, pink, and purple. Native shooting stars with native ginger and hellebores, planted under a redbud tree. Tulips & leucojum (summer snowflake), with blue-flowering brunnera behind. Tulips …

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Four Crowns

I needed four crowns in the box, of course. Peter, Susan, Edmund, Lucy. “Once a king or queen of Narnia, always a king or queen of Narnia. May your wisdom grace us until the stars rain down from the heavens.”

A White Wolf

Went for a walk with Susan Lee, whose Niko is one of the most stunning dogs I’ve ever met. I think he’s half Siberian huskie, half German shepherd, if I remember right. But he pretty much looks like a white wolf to me!

Boxing Day Dinner

I volunteered to cook Boxing Day dinner for the family, and it went reasonably well, but I made two frustrating mistakes — cooking in someone else’s kitchen is a little stressful, trying to figure out where everything is and how to use unfamiliar appliances, and I guess I don’t always think so clearly in those …

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Day One of Kickstarter

Day one of the Kickstarter, and we’re chugging along nicely — $673 into a $13,500 goal, with 28 days to go. Please like / comment / share for visibility! https://www.kickstarter.com/…/the-slfs-portolan…/ *** Curious what it’s all about? Well, part of the project involves free creative writing lessons, available to all. These can be used by writers …

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Red Sari: An Analysis of S. Asian and Diaspora Book Covers

Originally posted on Mary Anne’s old website, in March of 2009. This project grew out of my own experiences having a book published by a major American publishing house.  My original cover was an ‘artsy, literary’ cover, but under market pressure, the cover was changed to an image of a brown-skinned woman with wet skin, …

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Resource list 2

Could also (see previous post) use help updating this list: Single Author Spec Lit Collections by Writers of Color: Chesya Burke, Let’s Play White Octavia Butler, Bloodchild and Other Stories Ted Chiang, Stories of Your Life Aliette de Bodard, Scattered Among Strange Worlds Rana Dasgupta, Tokyo Cancelled Samuel R. Delany, Driftglass, Distant Stars, Atlantis: Three …

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