The kids were more excited by my bombatoast

I’m at Sprout working my shift, and it’s pretty quiet, since it’s Easter, so I’m hoping to post the rest of my Miami pics, in between trying to catch up on e-mail backlog. So much e-mail backlog, sigh. Some food pics:

• I made bombatoast and bacon for breakfast one morning; the kids were delighted

• we stopped at the very fancy Hotel Fountainebleau on the way back from dinner one night (it was a nice 45-minute walk back from mid-beach to north-beach, with the hotel about halfway along, which worked out pretty perfect), and picked up some desserts to take back to the room, from Chez BonBon (yes, I look up restaurants before traveling and figure out where I want to eat, I’m that kind of person…) — it was good, but the kids were more excited by my bombatoast. 🙂

Bombatoast recipe:…/sri-lankan-bombay-toast…/

Chez BonBon:…/chez-bon-bon/

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