Mary Anne Mohanraj

Two Airport Lines

Two lines at the Lahore airport, as I was departing. I chose to stand in the foreign passport line, although I was also an unaccompanied lady (and thereby classified with the unaccompanied children and senior citizens). I was, as far as I could tell, one of very few women traveling alone and managing my own …

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The Key Thing

So, I ran into a funny situation on my last night — I was leaving for the airport around 11 p.m., so was planning on getting dinner in the executive dining hall, where all the workshop meals had been paid for — but it turned out that it was closed that evening! No dinner for …

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Some Fancy Pakistani Houses

Usman’s wife, Kiran, kindly took me and Liz for one last round of shopping before we left. Here are a few fancy houses we drove past. Lahore, Pakistan.

Final Reading With Liz Hand

Final reading from Liz Hand at the Salam Award workshop. It was such a delight co-teaching with her — I hadn’t met Liz previously, somehow, despite both of us being in genre and going to conventions for decades, but we co-taught very smoothly. I think Liz and I had different strengths and different approaches, which …

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A Gift and a Thank You

A gift and thank you from the students for Nur Ibrahim, one of the workshop organizers. She put so much thought and work into this — we all really appreciated her! I’d tag her here, but I think she’s more a Twitter than FB person. Here’s a bio, to help you appreciate her! “Nur Nasreen …

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Proud of My Niblings

Final reading, Salam Award workshop. They were all so good! Proud of my munchkins. I told them all to call me Aunty, so I guess I can call them niblings too. I was feeling very fond of them all by the end of the week. They worked so hard! They appreciated the opportunity so much! …

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Little Details of Fashion

I love the bits and bobs on Sadi’s pants, these wire buttons, that intricate leather bracelet. Pakistan is a wonderland for anyone interested in fabric, textile design, fashion. Lahore, Pakistan.