Mary Anne Mohanraj

A Weird Vacation Hellscape

Museum of Illusions. As I drag my children into some weird hellscape: “You *will* go on vacation with Mommy, and you *will* have fun…”

A Dazzling, Happy Space

Little Island, NY, last notes. “What was in my mind was to build something for the people of New York and for anyone who visits—a space that on first sight was dazzling, and upon use made people happy.” — Barry Diller They really did a brilliant job designing this place, with a host of native …

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Ready for Lunch

After about 90 minutes running around Little Island, the kids were ready for lunch — we ended up meeting a friend there, and it seemed easiest to just eat there. The food is fine, if somewhat pricey, but there are lots of other options within a block or two, including at 15th Street on the …

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Little Island, NY. (Almost done.)