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Morning session at Kweli

Morning session at Kweli — “two award-winning authors chat with their editor Nick Thomas about how they fuzzified the boundaries between time and space in their new and forthcoming speculative young adult novels.” — really enjoyed listening to their conversation. “You’re Breaking My Heart,” Olugbemisola-Rhuday-Perkovich…/dp/B0C3TDGGMQ/ “Manmade Monsters,” Andrea Rogers and Jeff Edwards…/dp/B0BKRL9RKR “The Art Thieves,”

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Notes from Picture and Word with AYA GHANAMEH, author/illustrator of These Olive Trees, illustrator of Dear Muslim Child by Rahma Rodaah, and designer of children’s books at Penguin Random House…/dp/0593525183…/dp/0063091992 • Board books – babies, children who can’t read yet• Picture books – 3-6, children who are just learning to read• Middle grade /

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Next year, profit???

Oof, that was a long day. Prep for teaching, teaching, dissertation oral defense — she did great! yay! — and then coming home to do taxes. My part is done, finally, and I’ve handed it over to Kevin to finish. Writing and art business income is up a little from last year (around $20K, we’re

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