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Garden Log 4/25/23

One of the tricky things about ordering plants and bulbs online is that it’s often unclear whether you’re going to get plants in good condition. Some of the nurseries that look like bargains send sad little plants in poor condition. Some places are reliable — White Flower Farm has consistently given me great plants, but …

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Yesterday was Glasapalooza, the end of year celebration for Global Asian Studies. I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate my colleagues on everything they’ve accomplished in growing this program. Anna Guevarra has been a powerhouse directing it! Our students have been asking for GLAS for a long, long time — this year, we …

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My Academic Year-in-Review

Faculty activity report due today, submitted. (There’s still the more detailed university one to do in a few weeks; this is the one for my department.) Mostly it’s a list, but they asked us to summarize at the bottom, so here’s my academic year-in-review, for your amusement. The positive part, anyway — the less positive …

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A Combo to Remember

Teaching outfit from yesterday; this is mostly just a note to myself that I like this combo, and I should remember it — dark blue sweatshirt with gold thread in a vaguely medieval pattern, my friend’s lovely gold and dark blue flower earrings, and my current silver-blonde hair. I’m not sure how long I’m going …

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Teaching on the Uncanny

Teaching at the Salam Award workshop, LUMS, plus Tuesday evening’s panel (I co-moderated, interviewing Liz and Usman) on “the uncanny.” Lahore, Pakistan.