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We Lost Janet Smith

We lost Janet Smith today, our UIC faculty union president. She’d been fighting cancer for a long time; I don’t know the specifics, but I’m guessing it finally got her. Janet showed up, though, through chemo and illness and all the rest of it. She showed up for all of us, and spoke a hell …

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I’ve Been Saying

Editing to clarify — read the actual article, not just the clickbait headline. The point they’re making doesn’t apply to all MA programs, or even all MFA programs. There are good programs that offer a decent return on investment of time / money for the average student. But there are a vast number of very …

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We Broke $5K

We did break $5K last night, and more than 90 supporters — thanks so much, folks!…/the-slfs-portolan-writing… Facebook is still throttling my ability to tag in my friends so they can actually SEE these posts, which is more than frustrating. At this point, with five hours left in the fundraiser, I think we’re probably looking …

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The Project of My Heart

Folks, it’s Giving Tuesday, and also the last day of my non-profit Kickstarter. I’ve been asking all month for people to like / comment / share my posts about the Portolan Project, but today, I’m asking you to contribute.…/the-slfs-portolan-writing… This is the project of my heart — bringing free writing lessons to the world, …

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I Love This Job

Getting ready for today’s teaching, a student just sent me this note: “Just finished Dazzle of Day… it was incredible. Also made clear a lot of stuff I was doing wrong with my latest story. Thanks for the recommendation!” I do love this job.