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Everyone On Campus Must Be Vaccinated and Boosted

The U of I system just sent out a note that they’re requiring everyone on campus be vaccinated and boosted; decisions about masking will be made by each campus individually, and we don’t have word on that yet. We’ll be discussing appropriate mitigations for OPRF at the next D200 high school board meeting in a …

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Setting Up Courses at the SLF

Working on setting up courses at the SLF this morning. Exciting! I’m going to be taking this one. More info soon. ***** Intro to Screenwriting — 6 week online course ($350) Instructor: Ted Schneider September 6 – October 11 Tuesdays 6 – 8:30 CST Course Description: Instructor Bio:

It Will Be Good to Rest

Just gave my students their final assignments for this week, the last week of the semester. Really feeling how much it’s been 2+ years of pandemic teaching, with the near-constant need to pivot and adapt, over and over and over again; the exhaustion is hitting hard. Will be good to rest this summer. (Photo is …

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Ripped From the Headlines

Came up with a fun assignment for my intro-to-fiction class today, that I think went pretty well. Good if you’re stuck on what to write: Assignment: Ripped From the Headlines! 1) Join a small group in breakout room (aim for about 3-4 people / group) 2) Jointly pick a publication with an online website and …

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On the Verge of Striking

I’m sad and frustrated to note that our UIC grad students are on the verge of striking. “The UIC Graduate Employees Organization (GEO), which represents Teaching Assistants and Graduate Assistants, remains far apart from the University administration on issues of salary, fees, and protections against workplace harassment, assault, and bullying. GEO intends to begin an …

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