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Social Interactions In a Time of Pandemic

I’m thinking a lot about social interactions these days. When we switched to shelter-in-place, they mostly went away. As we got used to using Zoom, we added some socializing back in, and that was a lifeline during the pandemic. But there are two big issues that I, personally, have with Zoom and other online interactions: …

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A Month for Shipping

Working on the Patreon treat boxes — I’m hoping to finish them off this week and ship them out next week, fingers crossed. I think August is going to be a lot of shipping, between these and the Vegan Kickstarter packages! (Babylon 5 has done a great job of keeping me company with production — …

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Addis Cafe Grand Opening

We stopped by Addis Cafe, which is having a grand opening event in their new location (they’ve been softly open for a few weeks), with live music, a raffle you can enter, and of course, delicious food. My kid gulped down the berry smoothie while I enjoyed their chai, and we brought home some food …

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Garden Log 7/30/22

For one of my birthday presents, Kavi and I did a fused glass class at the new Stern Glass Works. It was SO FUN. I’ve taken two stained glass classes before (at the now long-defunct Two Fish Glass Studio), but I’ve never done fused glass before. Maia Stern, the owner, is a recent MFA grad …

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Little Sewing Experiment

I had a bunch of the proofing samples from my Wall o’Plants design, and I thought they might make cute reversible cocktail napkins. They do! I haven’t done a reversible napkin before, but it’s super-simple and faster to sew than a traditional napkin with mitered corners. If you use Spoonflower’s fill-a-yard option, you can sew …

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Mostly Only Barely On Key

Birthday recap: blowing out candles, or trying to. I have spared you most of the singing of happy birthday, as it was mostly only barely on key. 🙂

We Came Down for Cake

Birthday recap: cake! After dinner at Sen, Kevin and I watched the first episode of Moon Knight (interesting, will watch more, Oscar Isaac is terrific in this), and then we came down for cake. Kevin made the cake (yellow cake, topped with Sri Lankan mango fluff) and Kavi decorated it with fresh mangoes (so pretty). …

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Civinte Candle Bar

After birthday dinner, we walked across the street, and stopped in a new store, Civinte Candle Bar (807 S. Oak Park Ave.), where you can make your own room spray ($15), reed diffuser, ($35), or candle ($45+). I’m unlikely to go do this, because I already have gazillion essential oils and candle-making supplies at home, …

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