Nice family moment yesterday I just wanted to note — Kavi is reading Dubliners in high school, and I mentioned to her that I teach “Araby” out of that, and she was assigned to read that story for today, so when she was doing homework yesterday, she asked if I would read it to her, and I said sure!

(I did very little reading to the kids when they were small, because I have so little patience and I was so tired all the time when they were little, and I feel guilty about it, so I’m particularly happy on the rare occasions when they want to be read to now.)

It’s only an eight page story, so I read it to her with lots and lots of stopping to explain bits, and it was a lovely hour snuggled in the basement on the couch. Hopefully she felt thoroughly prepared for class today! Hopefully I didn’t say anything her teacher is going to disagree with too strongly!

If you’d like to have someone read the story to you, check out this link:

It will not come with my annotations, though. 🙂

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