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Signatures for Don Harmon

Hi, locals! I’m collecting signatures for Senator Don Harmon ( and for Kina Collins, who is running for Congress ( I’m going to have petitions on my porch today and tomorrow (MLK Day) from 2-5; please ring the doorbell if you come by, so I can witness your signature for either or both! It’s particularly …

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I Plan On Lazing Around

School board meeting over, 6:30 – 9:30. Not too long, as these things go. But now I really am finally going on vacation for a bit. Semester finished yesterday, a few packages to get in the mail tomorrow, packing for the trip, and other than that, I plan to do a lot of lazing around …

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Useful Meeting

Special board meeting added on short notice tonight, 7:30 – 10:00. This one was re: new COVID mitigations after a spike at the high school, and I had some questions that were answered by the administration and the health director. I really hope the CDC / FDA approve boosters for 14-18 year olds as soon …

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Any Wholesome LGBTQ+ Family Entertainment Recommendations?

Looking for recommendations of wholesome LGBTQ+ family entertainment that I can watch with the kids. Single All the Way is a perfect example (v. sweet gay holiday rom-com), but also interested in sit-coms, dramas, etc. There’s Modern Family and Will & Grace — what else is out there? Would especially love: – recent (so relevant …

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School Board Members Day

Amusingly, I learned that today is Illinois’s ‘School Board Members Day’. I will go ahead and anticipate thanks, and say, “You’re welcome!” It remains an honor to serve (although I admit, I could wish the meetings weren’t QUITE so long.)

Some Productive Work Done

School board meeting done — a relatively short one, only 2 hours and 45 minutes. Am still pretty darn exhausted. But I think we got some good, productive work done tonight, addressing issues as diverse as: – the tax levy – sex education in public high schools – childcare coverage to allow more people to …

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Math Is Everywhere

Another HOUR of math today, relearning algebra to help Kavi study for her final exam. Please admire my neat notes that I actually understand, yay me. *** Me, at the start of our work session: It’s too dim and depressing in this room for me to do math. Hang on — I’m going to light …

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No Adults Allowed

Stopped by the Oak Park Public Library to pick up Kavi the other day — she often walks there after school and hangs out in the new teen space (no adults allowed!) to get some homework done before heading home. Really great getting to see the space — it was something we’d been hoping to …

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