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Radicalizing Her

I’m taking some time this morning to read a new book by Nimmi Gowrinathan, _Radicalizing Her: Why Women Choose Violence_. It’s beautifully written, which isn’t something I expect in an academic book, to be honest — she uses a lot of the techniques of creative nonfiction to make for engrossing engagement with the material. She’s …

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Everyone On Campus Must Be Vaccinated and Boosted

The U of I system just sent out a note that they’re requiring everyone on campus be vaccinated and boosted; decisions about masking will be made by each campus individually, and we don’t have word on that yet. We’ll be discussing appropriate mitigations for OPRF at the next D200 high school board meeting in a …

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Tax Burden

This is a very random question, but for my friends in other countries, especially democratic socialist countries with relatively high tax rates, is the phrase ‘tax burden’ a common usage? I see it all the time here, and it always irritates me a bit; I’m curious whether this is a primarily American rhetoric, or something …

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Back to Gardening Shorts and T-Shirts

Home from board meeting, 3 hrs, not bad. Summer board meetings seem to be a bit quieter; I guess that’s not surprising for school board. Funny putting on professional drag again. Don’t think I need to again for another month, so back to gardening shorts and t-shirts for me…

America Needs You

Thrilled to hear that one of my grad school classmates is running for their local school board in Arizona. I feel like I should get posters made. “Have *you* considered running for local office? America needs *you*!”

Election Day

Illinois folks, it’s election day for us — please vote. And on that note, while I’ve been traveling, I haven’t yet had time to do thorough election research, so any pointers to good progressive voting guides would be very helpful. VERY.

In My Old Bedroom

I’m at my parents’ house, in my old bedroom; the kids and I arrived here from NY last night. The last time I lived here, I was eighteen; I’m fifty now. In some ways nothing has changed, in some ways, everything. Since arriving, I’ve had conversations about the abortion ban with both my daughter and …

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