Sustainable University

Sat down on a bench before teaching, and read this sign — looking forward to our being able to put up something similar at the high school once Project 2 is completed.

This is one of the things I’m happiest about working on for the school board — I won’t claim to deserve all the credit, as the school has a strong sustainability push, but I think I was the first board member asking about the possibility of geothermal and then enthusiastically advocating for it when the rest of the board was a bit dubious.

I still wish Kevin and I had put in geothermal when we bought our house, but we weren’t quite ready to make what would’ve been a $30K investment back then. We probably should’ve, though. We thought about it, but ended up spending the money on other parts of the renovation.

At the high school, we’re all very much on ‘board’ now! 🙂 It’s going to a) save the community money (and now, not just in thirty years), AND b) is good for the environment. Win-win.

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