Mohanraj and Rosenbaum Are Humans

Coming Along, Bit-by-bit

Recorded a great episode of the podcast with Benjamin Rosenbaum this morning, think we’re really getting into some nitty-gritty stuff that will be hopefully useful and of interest to writers. . Hoping to start releasing those soon, at least teasers. I think my framing of all this has also finally crystallized. When I started the summer, there was …

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Recording Episodes

Benjamin and I have now recorded several episodes of our podcast, and I think it’s going to be entertaining? Maybe?  I grabbed a couple screenshots while recording last time, and now I have to make Ben pick one of his that we can use. Hopefully he likes one. And I have to do the same, of course…but …

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Mohanraj and Rosenbaum are Human

Started a shared doc with Darius and Benjamin with podcast notes. I continue to be slow to adapt to this brave new world of shared docs and such, but I’ll get there. It just makes me anxious — what if someone deletes something important? There seems to be a lot of trust involved in working collaboratively in the cloud. …

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