Crossed Wires

I got ready to record a podcast episode on Sunday morning, for the SLF’s Portolan Project, only to discover that my co-host Benjamin Rosenbaum was on vacation — oops, crossed wires.

But it’s okay; I’ll probably go for the exact same outfit next time we record, because we’re talking science fiction a lot of the time, and this feels nicely SF-nal, something about the shoulder / armhole detail feels futuristic, and of course, the rocket ship earrings & purple hair don’t hurt. (I think it’ll be going blue soon.)

You would think, “what does it matter what you wear for a podcast, Mary Anne?” and that would be a reasonable thing to think, but we’re figuring we’ll offer the videos too, as a Kickstarter / Patreon reward or some such. Also, it’s fun having an excuse to play with styling. 

Earrings by Spring Schoenhuth of Springtime Creations — when you’re doing a lot of Zoom meetings, fun earrings help! And with so many conventions gone virtual this year, it’s a particularly great time to shop online for jewelry treats and support our small businesses.

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