Kickstarter Questions

Kickstarter questions, folks! I’m getting ready to record another episode with Benjamin Rosenbaum of our podcast / video series, “Mohanraj and Rosenbaum are Humans”. The tentative plan is to run a Kickstarter to cover the editing costs for our showrunner, Darius Vinesar — I don’t want running a Kickstarter to eat my summer, though.

So I’m thinking a $500 Kickstarter initially, running for just one week, to cover 5 episodes. With a stretch goal of another 5 episodes if we get to $1000, and maybe one or two stretch goals similarly after that? (We’re thinking we’ll switch to a Patreon for ongoing support after the Kickstarter.)

But it’d help to gauge interest. Can you ‘like’ or comment here, if you’d be interested in this thing where Ben and I talk about writing and editing and publishing (a mix of nuts-and-bolts and our personal experiences), SF conventions and culture, general community-building, and a fair bit about our own lives, parenting, etc. and so on? (Shares are also appreciated for visibility!)

We should have a sample episode to share in a week or so, fingers crossed, but a little early info here would help a lot as we set up the Kickstarter.

I’m also not at all sure what to offer in terms of ‘rewards’ — we can send backers a digital compilation of the season when it’s done, if that’d be of interest? We need to keep any reward small and manageable.


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