HootSuite prices

Quick social media question — the SLF’s HootSuite charges doubled this last year, from about $500 to about $1100. Did they just raise their prices for everyone, or is this something I should look into further?

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An ever-changing landscape

So, this is an initial thinking-things-through quick post, to be followed with more thorough thoughts. But one of the main things that I’m finding really frustrating about the publishing industry right now is the lack of clear guidelines I can use (and point my students to) for how to do indie & small press publishing

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The Speculative Literature Foundation’s year-end letter

Dear SF/F Writing & Reading Community, I’m writing to you at the eleventh hour — literally, 30 minutes to midnight in Chicago on December 31st, 2023 — with the Speculative Literature Foundation’s year-end letter. That’s perhaps characteristic of the last few years — like many folks, we’ve found recent times pretty overwhelming. There have been

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Ep. 61 of MRAH Out Now: “On Israel and Palestine”

In this episode, Mary Anne Mohanraj and Benjamin Rosenbaum take some time to share their grief and complicated feelings about the devastating conflict occurring between Israel and Palestine. They discuss the ideas of isomorphism and symbiosis, the history of Zionism, the origins of war and nationalism, and the need to stay connected during difficult times,

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Delighted to note –

that Kij Johnson (fabulous writer, faculty member at the Gunn Center for the Study of Science Fiction) has agreed to join the Speculative Literature Foundation‘s advisory board. As we continue developing the Portolan Project, I’m sure her advice will be invaluable.

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