All meetings should come with delicious food

Bits of CapriCon:

  • some of my books at the Larry Smith table in the dealer’s room (they only have one copy left of The Stars Change, Perennial, and Tornado, and I think they’ve sold out of my cookbook, sorry!)
  • view from my window; I decided to get a room for tonight, a combo of relatively inexpensive room rates, the cost of parking two days if I were driving in, the usefulness of having a quiet space for recording SLF interviews, and the option of drinking in the bar tonight without worrying about driving home afterwards. Also, I might try to get up and do some writing in the morning, treat it as a mini writing retreat. We’ll see — I don’t have anything scheduled until my 1 p.m. panel tomorrow (labor rights movements in fact and fiction)
  • delicious working lunch with Darius Vinesar and Shaun Duke — we talked some SLF stuff over yumminess. All meetings should come with delicious food, I think.

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