Flowers and Glass

I stopped by Stern Glass Works yesterday to have coffee with Maia Stern and Ana Constantinescu — I wanted to introduce them to each other, because I think they could offer a great workshop with Ana’s pressed flowers and Maia’s glasswork. We had a terrific hour talking, and I could’ve spent much longer, but had …

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Meeting at Addis Cafe

Chai and avocado toast at Addis Cafe yesterday — delicious, both! I was meeting Noelle of SLOWFIRE to talk about how we might possibly support what she’s doing and maybe collaborate on something with Maram down the road. Great conversation, and I’m totally planning to sign the kids up for some pottery classes with her …

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The Plan for Maram

I posted this in our local progressives group, am copying it here, mostly as an update for people following along with the makerspace efforts from the last two years. It’s not gone! Just slowed down a bit. ***** Hey, folks. So, a question about hosting political conversation in Oak Park. This will be a little …

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Do I Have Anyone on Here Who Has Worked With a Community Tool Library?

As my time on the library board is wrapping up, and as it’s clear that it’s not going to be practical for our library to add a tool library anytime soon (esp. given pandemic pushing spaace planning some time forward), I’m still seriously thinking about how we could possibly at least start something in the …

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Maram Magazine

I think we’ve settled on Maram Magazine as the name for the ‘making’ magazine I’m hoping to start. It will be a joint venture of Serendib Press and the Speculative Literature Foundation, which has recently redefined its mission somewhat, to a literature AND arts focus. (That gives us more leeway to do all kinds of …

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Coming Along, Bit-by-bit

Recorded a great episode of the podcast with Benjamin Rosenbaum this morning, think we’re really getting into some nitty-gritty stuff that will be hopefully useful and of interest to writers. . Hoping to start releasing those soon, at least teasers. I think my framing of all this has also finally crystallized. When I started the summer, there was …

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Hugo House in Seattle, a writing center

Hugo House in Seattle, a writing center. They’ve recently moved into a large, gorgeous space, with a theatre and everything, with the help of masses of funding partners. How much would I love to have something like this in Oak Park? Sigh.

Tiffani Smith of Sanofka Arts

This was an artist I met in Columbus, Tiffani Smith of Sankofa Arts, who rents space for her studio in Scott Woods‘s shared art space, the Streetlight Guild. She kindly gave me permission to take some inspiration photos (for Maram Makerspace, perhaps, one day). I love it when artists can come and work together; we were having a …

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