Flowers and Glass

I stopped by Stern Glass Works yesterday to have coffee with Maia Stern and Ana Constantinescu — I wanted to introduce them to each other, because I think they could offer a great workshop with Ana’s pressed flowers and Maia’s glasswork.

We had a terrific hour talking, and I could’ve spent much longer, but had to go teach, alas! I’m thinking it might be great to have an informal once-a-month artist hangout in Oak Park, where we just meet up, get to know each other, talk art biz, consider collaborations, etc. and so on.

I’d be happy to host some, and we could also rotate between people who have open studio spaces. If you’re a local (Oak Park area, neighboring suburbs welcome) and would be interested, the best way to stay informed is to join the Maram Makerspace FB group — I think it’ll be easiest to use that for coordinating. (

But mostly I’m posting to say that while I was there, I picked up my and Kavi’s garden glass stakes, and I *love* how they came out.

I’m not positive where mine will end up; I put it with the Black Prince butterfly bush and Wendy’s Wish salvia for now, with the Limelight hydrangea behind, and I think it looks quite nice there, though it’s not catching the sunlight at this time of day. I’m a little nervous about putting it in the parkway, where it would get lots of sun, because if some passersby knocks it over accidentally, I’ll be very sad. Well, I suspect it’ll move around for a bit until it settles into its home.

Kavi’s sunset looks gorgeous among the goldenrod, though!

Maia’s willing to do another garden stakes class, so if you’re interested, drop by the FB page or website (, and drop her a line to let her know!

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