In a Time of Pandemic

Social Interactions In a Time of Pandemic

I’m thinking a lot about social interactions these days. When we switched to shelter-in-place, they mostly went away. As we got used to using Zoom, we added some socializing back in, and that was a lifeline during the pandemic. But there are two big issues that I, personally, have with Zoom and other online interactions: …

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Everyone On Campus Must Be Vaccinated and Boosted

The U of I system just sent out a note that they’re requiring everyone on campus be vaccinated and boosted; decisions about masking will be made by each campus individually, and we don’t have word on that yet. We’ll be discussing appropriate mitigations for OPRF at the next D200 high school board meeting in a …

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Stupid Cold

My head is not doing well with this stupid cold (coughing, sneezing, stuffy head, the works); I could take DayQuil and power through, or try to teach on Zoom to be less communicable, at least, but I have not actually cancelled a class yet this semester, and I’m going to set a good example of …

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A Desi Fraggle Kinda Vibe

Stylish young cafe worker leaned over to whisper that she LOVED my hair. I was going for kind of a desi Fraggle vibe for teaching today, so I guess it’s working for me.

A Rousing Start

Well, first day of the semester in-person (third week in actuality) got off to a rousing start; I woke up with a pulled muscle in my back. Not super-painful, thankfully, more twingy when I move the wrong way, but it’s making me clumsy, witness the fact that I spilled my chai all over my desk …

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Hopping Back on the Exercise Wagon

cw: exercise. So, I’ve hopped back on the exercise wagon, after a few months of not managing it consistently. Honestly, it was pretty rocky during the whole pandemic — initially, I think I was fairly depressed, and my activity levels took a sharp nosedive during lockdown. While that improved for a while last summer, I …

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