In a Time of Pandemic

A Rousing Start

Well, first day of the semester in-person (third week in actuality) got off to a rousing start; I woke up with a pulled muscle in my back. Not super-painful, thankfully, more twingy when I move the wrong way, but it’s making me clumsy, witness the fact that I spilled my chai all over my desk …

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Hopping Back on the Exercise Wagon

cw: exercise. So, I’ve hopped back on the exercise wagon, after a few months of not managing it consistently. Honestly, it was pretty rocky during the whole pandemic — initially, I think I was fairly depressed, and my activity levels took a sharp nosedive during lockdown. While that improved for a while last summer, I …

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Long Day

Oof. Long day. This was another of those days bracketed by board meetings on both ends — I started with a collaboration meeting between the SLF and Plurality University at 8:30 a.m., then had a SLF finance meeting and a comics collaboration meeting for Assuming You Survive, then a therapy appointment, a little break for …

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Boarded Flight

Barely made it as lines were incredibly long, even the bag check line. Flights are crowded too, lots of asking for volunteers to go later. Plan travel this week accordingly, and wear your good mask!

From my scientist friend, cut-and-paste with permission.

“Most of the differences between Omicron and previous variants are readily explained by people being vaccinated. Even though they’re experiencing breakthrough infections, those are quite different from a primary infection in a few ways: 1. More head-cold symptoms, fewer high fevers and severe respiratory symptoms. The cold symptoms like runny nose are the primed immune …

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Pandemics Do End

Posted by a scientist friend, permission to cut-and-paste. I found it both informative and helpful. ***** “When we were kids, we were taught that certain childhood diseases were things you “only got once”. That wasn’t 100% true of course — we all knew someone who got Chicken Pox twice — but it was true most …

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Upgrade If You Can

Posted by a scientist friend, permission to cut-and-paste. I’m not stopping making cloth masks, because some people may be double-masking, or have budget reasons why disposables are challenging. But if you can upgrade to medical masks, please do. If you *are* double-masking, the surgical mask should be against your face, with the cloth mask covering …

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