An Intense Work Day

I’m not sure what it was yesterday, but I just collapsed. It was a fairly intense work day — had a podcast recording for two hours in the morning to start, with Fred Berman, the audiobook narrator for my co-host Benjamin Rosenbaum‘s _The Unravelling_. The audiobook drops in two weeks, and we thought it’d be …

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Home Again, Home Again

Love travelling, love coming home. I’ve done a little urgent work today, and have a meeting coming up, but planning to be on semi-holiday for a few more days. Happy Romjul, folks! Hope you’re resting. “In Norwegian, Dead Week is known as romjul, a word that combines the Norse words for “room” or “space” and …

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Resting Like This, See?

Aryabhata says, “Didn’t your semester end yesterday? Aren’t you supposed to be resting now? Look at me, Mommy. Like this, see?”

Don’t Eat the Ornaments

Aryabhata, please do not eat the ornaments. Nothing on this tree is particularly breakable (or edible), but it’s probably just as well that I’d planned on it going outside.

Arya’s Turkey Interests

Aryabhata says: “Did you remember to thaw and brine your turkey?” Arya has a keen interest in turkey.