Everyone On Campus Must Be Vaccinated and Boosted

The U of I system just sent out a note that they’re requiring everyone on campus be vaccinated and boosted; decisions about masking will be made by each campus individually, and we don’t have word on that yet.

We’ll be discussing appropriate mitigations for OPRF at the next D200 high school board meeting in a few weeks; I don’t know yet what I’ll be recommending, and will be researching and talking to medical professionals in the interim. Right now, the situation seems much less clear-cut to me than it did last year. I need to research things like local hospital ICU capacity, for example.

If you’re an expert in the field, or a parent / student at OPRF reading this, please do feel free to comment with your thoughts and suggestions. (For those not familiar, OPRF is a very large single-building high school, with over 4000 students, plus faculty and staff.)

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