Easter Plans

I’m feeling a little bummed that I didn’t plan much of anything for my kids for Easter — they have chocolate bunnies for tomorrow and an egg dye kit, and that’s about it. We usually do a big party Easter brunch with an egg hunt with lots of other friends’ kids, and I think Anand in particular is going to be a bit disappointed.

Any ideas for something I can do tomorrow to make it a little more fun and holiday-ish for him, without needing to leave the house or get more supplies? (He’s not nearly as much into art as Kavi is, unfortunately, or I’d just plan on a couple art projects….)

School Day Rhythm

I think we’ve settled into a decent rhythm for schooldays here, so offering it in case it’s of use:

– by 9 a.m., middle schooler has to check in for schoolday on her computer, then have breakfast (elementary age kid has been up for hours on his own, and has fed pets and had breakfast and watched TV and played video games)

– by 10 a.m., kids have to take a walk together for morning exercise

– schoolwork for middle schooler, elementary age kid does something vaguely educational (he did some kind of coding thing Kevin set up for him today, and had fun with it, apparently making quite a lot of progress in an hour)

– lunch around noon, help clean up kitchen, take out recycling, do dishes, etc., get place in decent condition

– more schoolwork for middle schooler, elementary age kid does whatever he feels like unless we can come up with something vaguely educational for him

– 3 p.m. — teatime; Mama breaks from whatever she’s working on, comes down for tea, has the kids do a few more small clean-up chores, then sends them off for mid-afternoon exercise break (they’re playing soccer in the backyard right now)

That’s it for constructive work; if I have energy, I may try to get them to exercise again after dinner, but maybe not.