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Democrat Fan Service?

Home again, home again. Just watched the season finale of Discovery with Kevin, and despite my mild kvetching all season about this season having a lot of therapy dialogue (and not the most gripping therapy dialogue either), this finale was just SO Star Trek, I loved it to pieces, and I may have sobbed my

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Turning Red

We watched Turning Red on Disney+, and enjoyed it. Well, Anand got bored fairly early on and wandered off — I guess it took too long for the magical panda to show up, and he wasn’t empathizing with the young teen girl with the perfectionist Tiger mom. Maybe I should’ve been more of a Tiger

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Murder in Provence Review

I’m watching a new series on Britbox, Murder in Provence, three episodes released so far, which is well-written, well-acted, gorgeously shot in a beautiful setting, and I’m generally enjoying it a lot…. …however. They are using British actors who speak English throughout. It’s just very confusing. There seem to be no actual French people speaking

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