Turning Red

We watched Turning Red on Disney+, and enjoyed it. Well, Anand got bored fairly early on and wandered off — I guess it took too long for the magical panda to show up, and he wasn’t empathizing with the young teen girl with the perfectionist Tiger mom. Maybe I should’ve been more of a Tiger mom. But Kavi enjoyed it, and Kev and I thought it was entertaining.

It’s essentially Teen Wolf, but from a Canadian Asian (Chinese, specifically) perspective, mixing in menarche as part of the teen puberty aspects, which was a nice update adding complexity. (It’s a RED panda, see?) And I liked how they handled the generations of women making different choices (sometimes poorly).

We did think the boy band could’ve used a better song — Kavi pointed out that it probably wasn’t supposed to be good, which I get, but on the other hand, we had to listen to an awful lot of it!

Take notes from Encanto, folks — if you have the opportunity to write a hit song as part of your animated movie, do so, please.

We don’t talk about Bruno, no no no…


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