The Finale of Picard

Watched the finale of Picard with Kevin last night — I found it quite satisfying, including the little bit of Wesley Crusher cameo fanservice. Whenever Star Trek leans heavily into the fanservice, it makes me want to laugh, but I also have to admit that I love it. I am your target demographic for this, Paramount. (Nice job, Wil Wheaton!)

It’s been an interesting season — I gather it’s based on large part on specifics from Patrick Stewart’s real life and childhood history. I wonder how much he ended up working with Chabon (who I believe is one of the writers for this show) to incorporate that material into the season. I know the producers had to work hard to persuade Stewart to come back for this season (and I think I know that from watching Wheaton’s Ready Room, so thanks for that too, Wil), and I have to think that some of the carrot they dangled was getting to work with this material.

I gather there’s one more season to close out Picard, which I think is already recorded, which is also interesting — when you’re working with an older actor (Stewart is currently 81), I guess that’s only prudent, to record as much as you can in advance.

I hope we have Stewart with us for a long time, and that he keeps working for as long as he wants to, but I’m very glad we got these three additional Star Trek seasons from him; it’s lovely to see this character arc for Picard, and a chance for Stewart to show a more tender and vulnerable emotional range with the character.

It is definitely not what you might expect from classic Trek, and I know some fans didn’t love it as a result. I’m personally glad that Paramount is stretching the range of what you can do with Star Trek. I gather Strange New Worlds, which just premiered, is much more in that vein, so should satisfy those looking for the classic Trek hit, but no spoilers, please — Kev and I will be watching it tonight. 🙂

And yes, I absolutely want the Seven-Raffi spin-off buddy series, I would watch those two forever. Paramount, make it so!

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