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The Strike Is Over

The strike is over, hoorah, hooray! They were bargaining late into the night yesterday — the final word came after I’d gone to sleep, so I want to take a moment this morning to just thank all of the UIUC faculty union bargaining team. I especially want to send giant amaryllis appreciation to Aaron Krall,

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Very Weird Semester

Grades are in, semester’s officially over. Very weird semester, similar to last one; I gave more A’s than I typically would, but also had more F’s and I’s and W’s, despite doing a lot of trying to chase students down and persuade them to hand in late or missing work. Essentially, the students who were

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C.V. Updated

It took a while, because apparently I haven’t actually done this in three years, which surprised me, until I remembered, oh yes, pandemic. Pretty sure the last two times the reminder to update my c.v. swung through my e-mail (April 2020 and April 2021), my brain shouted “There are bigger things to worry about right

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