An Opportunity for Practical Knowledge

Final classes for my literary theory class this week, as we navigate the ongoing grad student strike and not crossing picket lines. We did a whole chapter on Marxism, so they’re going to get the opportunity for some practical knowledge on the subject:

Wed: No in-person or Zoom class; instead, a Marxism assignment. Go to the picket line (or e-mail the GEO if you cannot be on campus that day) and interview at least 2 people about the strike. It’d be great to talk to a few of the grad students directly affected, and perhaps one of the older faculty members who are there in support.

Questions you might ask:

• What led you to join in on the strike?
• How does it feel, to be striking against your university?
• What do you think the most important issues are in this strike?
• Should college be free?
• Etc. — ask whatever questions interest you.

Interview folks for at least 20-25 minutes (if you’re in person), and then write up the responses and post them in the #criticalpractice channel.

Fri: We will meet in-person for our final class. Let’s meet up outside Lincoln, where the plan will be to hold an outdoor class. It may be a little chilly, so bundle up, please. We’ll stand in a circle and talk at first, but if we get too cold, we may switch to a walk-and-talk mode. (Please shout if you’re getting too cold on Friday!) We’ll discuss the last two theory readings, and I’ll hand out the English departments print course evaluations for you to fill out.

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