Packing Up Narnia in Love

It was such a rush finishing up the winter Patreon boxes before I left for ICFA, I didn’t get to posting the final photos. I love how this theme came out, “Narnia in Love”.

They boxes went pretty well, but I made one mistake — I should have double-bagged the soap and bath salts in the higher-tier packages, because the scent was strong enough that it affected some of the treats, even though they were wrapped in plastic. I should have thought — sigh. Next time!

We’ve really gotten better at all this; ice packs in plastic in every box, wrapping and freezing baked goods as soon as they’re made to maintain freshness. But there’s a lot to learn too! Complicated. Appreciate patrons who are patient with me; I try to make sure that there’s so much in the treat boxes that it makes up for any small issues. I want people to feel like they’re getting great value for money.

Started baking yesterday for the next batch, theme Fairies and Starlight. Lime & rosewater shortbread, decorated with white chocolate and edible cornflower petals. Photos soon. 🙂


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