A Host of Household Tasks

I had a whole host of little household tasks to do, and was sort of drowning in them, so I made a list, and it was three pages, and I started working through it Friday, and made a lot of progress, and then did some more Saturday, though I was pretty tired, so took it easy, and was all set to power through a bunch more today…

…but then when I was making pancakes this morning as a treat for the family, I moved slightly wrong and suddenly my entire back was killing me. I finished the pancake I was on, and then took to the couch for basically the rest of the day, propped up with pillows and ibuprofen. Maybe trying to get the whole house in order before we start having guests over in mid-April was slightly over-ambitious.

Kavi and I finished watching Bridgerton, and then we switched to Gilmore Girls and basically binged it all day, while I kept trying to work through the tasks, with Kavi being my hands and feet. It was slower, obviously, but I did make some progress, and now my 3 page list is down to 1.5 pages, so that’s good. Tomorrow, I’ll try to knock off some of the phone calls, which are quick, if annoying.

My back is somewhat better than it was at the worst this morning; I can move without being in serious pain now, which is good, but it definitely feels sort of on the verge of going out again if I move wrong. So I’m going to go soak it in a long, hot bath now, and take more ibuprofen, and try to get to bed early. Fingers crossed it’ll be much better tomorrow; otherwise, I might have to Zoom in from my bed to teach. I definitely couldn’t have driven into campus today — I could barely walk across the room.

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