A Piece For Myself

Well, I made kazillion mistakes in the process, but I’ve made my first piece of clothing FOR MYSELF, from a fabric I designed, so I’m going to call it a major win.

Please do not look at the wonky seams, or the way it gapes a bit in the front — I wasn’t using a pattern, just modeling it on a top I had that fits me well, and that mostly worked, but not entirely, probably because the top I had, had a drawstring in the front, and I didn’t add one here. I probably should’ve, but it was a little beyond me. 🙂

Satin is kind of hard to work with, I think, to get everything to lay flat and look nice and finished. Cotton is easier!

This fabric is available on Spoonflower! You can make your own wonky top! I did it in satin because I’m thinking I’ll probably do a matching pyjama pant and mostly wear this to bed, but I think it works reasonably well as an outside-the-house top too. If you don’t look at the seams…

Regardless, I’m wearing it for teaching today, because what the heck — I don’t think the students will be staring at the seams, and if they do, I guess I’m modeling showing up, mistakes and all, which is good teaching, right? Right!

I waffled about whether to wear the matching mask, or go with the purple one, but then I couldn’t find the matching one (probably in laundry), so purple it is, which at least matches my hair…

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