Garden Log 1/31/22

Workday today, so not much gardening will happen, but I did take a few minutes to photograph the now fully blooming Aquaro amaryllis — the description said it looked like peppermint sticks, and it really does. 🙂

Also wanted to note that this variety of paperwhite is a new one for me, “Inbal,” and it was described as having a milder, more pleasant scent than other paperwhites. I honestly can’t tell, though, since I don’t have a “Ziva” or “Ariel” blooming right now to compare side-by-side, and their scent never bothered me before, but I think Inbal is a little lighter — I had to stick my nose right up into it to smell it at all. So for those who find the scent of the more common paperwhites hard to take, you might want to try Inbal.

Now I’m off to do a quick check of my seed trays before I get ready for work, making sure they all have water under their greenhouse domes. While doing that, I’m listening to the Fine Gardening magazine’s podcast, “Let’s Argue About Plants” — episode 103 is all about seed starting, with a mix of beginners and experts.

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