Well-Trained by IKEA

Little home improvement project from the weekend — we’ve lived here for ten years, but only now have I realized we could use more storage in this bathroom.

It came flat-packed, requiring assemby, and claimed it would take 1.5 hrs, but I’d say it was more like 45 minutes. But I’m pretty handy at assembling furniture at this point, being well-trained by IKEA. It helped that this piece was very well put together, with all the little widgets and locking mechanisms sliding in smoothly.

I could’ve gotten a metal structure that would do the same thing for a similar price and requiring less assembly, but I’m happy with the way this came out. Feels nice and solid, and hides things away nicely. Also, BLUE! 🙂

Now what I *really* want to do is stencil the wall behind it — well, we’ll see. Time, time, the great limiter…

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