Two More Days of the Kickstarter Left

Have you ever thought, “That’s a great story idea, I should write it down?” But then you get stuck, because it seems too hard to take the next steps. You don’t have time or money to enroll in an MFA, there aren’t any good writing classes in your area, maybe imposter syndrome has kicked in and you’re wondering why anyone would want to listen to you anyway…

Imagine that you could work through FREE lessons online on the SLF site. Watch brief video clips by working writers — emerging writers, established, and masters of the field. Try some reading questions, or some writing exercises, grow your skills and your confidence. And you don’t have to do it alone — you can join with other writers in our online community, to get feedback on your work, business advice (“How do you get an agent, anyway?”), and support and encouragement — it’s not easy, being an artist!

As we grow, we’re hoping we can also help you find people local to you, whom you could meet with in person at a coffeeshop for writing accountability dates and exchange of critique? Wouldn’t that be great? That’s just a little of what we hope to accomplish with the Portolan Project, offering FREE writing and lit. lessons to the world. 🙂

Two more days on our Kickstarter! Please check out the project, and if you like what you see, we’d love it if you can like / comment / share / contribute!…/the-slfs-portolan-writing…

And if you’d like a taste of what we offer, here’s Hugo award-winning SF/F editor Liz Gorinsky, telling you about different approaches to the editorial process:…/deep…/liz-gorinsky/

We have 10 lessons prepared — this Kickstarter would let us fund another 90, enough that we can start organizing them into courses. Intro to Fiction Writing? Basics of WorldBuilding? The possibilities are endless….

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