My Effort to Save the World

Eep, people, I am supposed to be posting about the SLF’s Portolan Project Kickstarter every day, to hopefully avoid the dreaded Kickstarter mid-project slump, but I am not sure that 11:30 p.m. is really the best time to be posting — I have got to get to this earlier. Today was sort of a ridiculously scheduled day, with lots of student appointments as they get ready for their final papers.

But if you haven’t yet checked it out, and you like the things I do, maybe take a look? This is my effort to save the world through free creative writing classes (among other things):…/the-slfs-portolan-writing…

Interestingly, it looks like the majority of the pledges are at the $100 level, which is very different from other Kickstarters I’ve run. There must be some reward at that level that people really like? 🙂

I promise to write something more substantive tomorrow! Tomorrow will be much calmer than today!

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