My Knitting is Now Very Exciting

Look at my new lovely! You remember my plan to have some knitting / crochet going on every floor, so it would be easier for me to pause and chill out, something I am in dire need of doing?

I asked Jed if he wanted to buy me a present, and he said yes, because he is such a nice boy, and I said I’d like a wood yarn bowl for the living room, and he went off to Etsy to find me one, and he found me this rosewood bowl, made in India, which apparently uses a very cool technique that creates electricity patterns, fractal burning (Lichtenberg figure).

My knitting is now very exciting! (And also calming.)

The big plan for this knitting project is to switch BACK from the 9″ circulars I just bought and transferred the knitting to, to double points, because it turns out that on such a small circumference, I find my hands cramping trying to use a circular. I had no idea! If there’s someone local who likes 9″ circulars and would like this one, let me know, as I would be happy to pass it along!


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