1885 Victorian Renovation

Front room transformation

Shall we play Spot the #Spacecats? 🙂 While Stephanie was working hard packing up Feast, I took a break to have a conference call with Margaret Treanor Frey about our ongoing comic project (we are tired, so we are taking a few weeks off for the holidays, hoping to come back reinvigorated!). We also talked about Serendib logo design […]

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Shed report

Walked to the writing shed in the snow for the first time (having remotely turned on the heater first, thanks, Alexa). It’s a very light snow, just flurries, didn’t even bother putting my coat on to cross the backyard, but still, nice to know that I’m actually willing to come out here in snow. 🙂

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Steamy Shed

It’s unclear how useful the writing shed will be in summer. We turned on the AC in the house yesterday — the forecast now says high of 94, feels like 100. I am normally an avid proponent of keeping the windows and doors open (hooray for screens) and the fans going to provide a cross-breeze,

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Shed & space

I came home from the event last night and spent an hour or so in the shed, writing a poem, reading a story. (Charlie Jane Anders, “As Good As New,” loved it…) These photos are a bit dark, sorry, but you can get some context for the shed at night, with our seating area by

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Shed: Exterior Paint

Shed: completed exterior paint job. We went with essentially the same colors as the house and garage, to give a unified effect, but taken a shade darker, because I was thinking of doing that the next time we paint the house, and I thought the shed could serve as a tester. I definitely think we’ll

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Shed Interior Paint

The shed was originally going to be 4’x8′, but when the contractors came out and started building, the guys asked if they could make it a little bigger, because they thought I’d feel too crowded in there. I said yes, so I don’t know what the final dimensions ended up as! But I think not

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The Shed

The Shed The shed is finished enough to work in but has not yet entirely revealed its purposes. The shed is instead of entering the house late at night, after an event, is leaving the sleeping children in the care of their sleeping father a little longer. The shed is surrounded by apartment buildings, is

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Shed Writing!

Writing in the shed a little today, even though it’s not painted yet, outside or in. The plan is to do the interior in white, with no drywall or insulation, at least for now. If I find myself actually using it as much as I hope, and if it seems like I’ll want to use

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