Shed & space

I came home from the event last night and spent an hour or so in the shed, writing a poem, reading a story. (Charlie Jane Anders, “As Good As New,” loved it…) These photos are a bit dark, sorry, but you can get some context for the shed at night, with our seating area by the garage. It’s hard to get a sense of scale, but I was really worried that the shed would dominate the backyard, and thankfully, I think we’ve managed to avoid that. It’ll recede even more when the flower bed is fully developed, I think. Give me a few years.

The monk’s cell concept has been ameliorated a bit by the desire for comfort while working. I was never going to be a monk anyway. You knew that. Love the wingback chair and ottoman (IKEA, surprisingly affordable), and the rug (Overstock, ditto).

I have a particular fondness for that end table, which I bought in Sri Lanka in 2005, on the trip I took with money from the sale of Bodies in Motion. The lattice base folds up, and I brought the whole thing back in my big suitcase; it’s wandered around my homes since then, but was languishing a bit in the basement recently. It’s much happier out here, I think.

There’s still a surprising amount of unclaimed space. I don’t think I’ll be using a desk here, though I could possibly fit a little one up against the back wall, with a narrow (or kneeling) chair. We’ll see if I feel the need.

The immediate plan is to bring a Levenger lap desk out here to use with the arms of the comfy chair, and then see what, if anything, I want in the extra space. Maybe a low bookshelf. Maybe a table for stacking drafts covered in critique scribbles. Maybe nothing.

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