Shed: Exterior Paint

Shed: completed exterior paint job. We went with essentially the same colors as the house and garage, to give a unified effect, but taken a shade darker, because I was thinking of doing that the next time we paint the house, and I thought the shed could serve as a tester. I definitely think we’ll use this blue (Benjamin Moore’s Old Navy) for the body of the house, next time we paint. The purple trim is Deep Mulberry.

The most waffly decision was what to paint of the doors and windows. Normally, I would do the same thing on all of them, but the windows had beautiful wood that I didn’t want to paint over. The doors were white painted wood, and I could have stripped them for a unified look, which I think I would have liked a lot — but I couldn’t justify the additional cost. So I painted them in another of the house trim colors (Violet Stone), and I think I’m fine with the slight wonkiness of the mix-and-match. It’s a whimsical creation to begin with, after all, a garden folly.

I’ve trenched out what will be a bed of flowers eventually, though it’s going to take a while, given budget-all-spent-and-then-some. Next step, turning over that grass and covering it with mulch, and then I think I’m mostly going to slowly divide perennials from the front and bring them to the back. Check back in 3-4 years for a fully developed flower bed there. Imagine it with irises and peonies in the sunny bits, and woodland flowers in the shade.

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