Shed report

Walked to the writing shed in the snow for the first time (having remotely turned on the heater first, thanks, Alexa). It’s a very light snow, just flurries, didn’t even bother putting my coat on to cross the backyard, but still, nice to know that I’m actually willing to come out here in snow. 🙂 I was a little worried that this would only be a three-season writing shed, but I think not.

I wouldn’t say it’s toasty in here, but it’s warm enough that my fingers don’t feel cold, which is key for safe typing. I do think I need to plastic-seal the windows for the winter, and maybe hang drapes over the French doors. It feels a little drafty.

But still, I’m here, I’m writing, is good. I had promised that when I got to a certain level on my personal Patreon that I’d write another scene in my silly little poly space catering company story, and I’ve been so hectic that I haven’t done it yet, though it’s been at least a month — I actually forgot for a while, must work on project management and calendaring everything! But I’m here now, and hopefully the muse will cooperate, as I have an hour to spare before it’s time to go pick up Kavi from her ADD assessment.

At 1 p.m., I’m meeting with someone who has kindly volunteered to help me build an actual budget for the makerspace. After that, I may take it easy for the rest of the day? Well, I have e-mail to deal with, so probably not. But there’s nothing else absolutely required on the schedule, which is kind of bliss after a very scheduled week. Jed arrives this evening for a weekend visit, which will be lovely. Maybe I will make him help me hang drapes.

I’m still fighting a cold, but if it’s not seeming too bad, I will try to go out this evening to support the community event happening around racist graffiti and other incidents at our local high school. Very upsetting. This kind of thing is on the rise around the country. This presidency, gah. I have nothing more coherent to offer on that.

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