Shed Writing!

Writing in the shed a little today, even though it’s not painted yet, outside or in. The plan is to do the interior in white, with no drywall or insulation, at least for now. If I find myself actually using it as much as I hope, and if it seems like I’ll want to use it even in winter, I can add insulation at that point, and even add baseboard heat. I’m so glad I took the time to read a few articles on open cell vs closed cell spray foam, I feel much more confident now. (We laid conduit and did the electrical in such a way as to accommodate that possibility down the road.)

For right now, it’s honestly a little chilly in here; my fingers are cold, which isn’t good for typing, because it can make injury more likely, I’ve heard (something about tighter tendons?). But I couldn’t resist the urge to work in here a little, at least, esp. because we’ve turned over the house to an indie film crew for the weekend (a local African American woman doing a film about domestic violence; she asked on a local board if anyone had a house she could film in), so it is full of people bustling, doing make-up, shouting “Quiet on the set!” etc. Not conducive to writing.

It should warm up soon, but for now, I’ve closed off the doors that give me this view of the garden from the comfy chair. If I were going to stay out here for long, I’d be dragging out a space heater, but I’m planning to just write one more scene for my current Wild Cards story, and then go inside and see who’s up for watching Doctor Strange with me…

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