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Black Hollyhock Blue Larkspur Table Runner

Picked up a table runner at the Georgia O’Keefe gift shop — this was the piece I liked best out of the collection (“Black Hollyhock Blue Larkspur”), so it was exciting that they’d translated it to a textile print. A little textile design inspiration…

Georgia O’Keefe Museum

Writing retreat, Santa Fe. Alex hadn’t seen the Georgia O’Keefe museum, so we took an hour to wander through. I last saw it at least three years ago, and I think they must rotate the artwork quite a bit, as most of it was new to me. Like visiting an entirely new musuem, neat. And, …

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Adorable Santa Fe Airport

I mentioned that the Santa Fe airport is small, right? It’s really really small. Kind of adorable. That is the sole baggage claim track.

Well, That Was Unexpected

. I was supposed to fly home today, arrive by midday. Instead, I got a message on Saturday that my flights had been cancelled due to COVID staffing issues. Not a big deal — they’d rescheduled me on a flight out of Albuquerque (instead of Santa Fe, so an hour away), and it’d mean several …

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But for Now, Done?

Santa Fe Writing Retreat. I implemented the last revision notes for “Thin Air” yesterday, which meant that I’d actually finished the first full draft of the Jump Space book. It’s not done — it’ll get workshopped and edited from here. I may cut a story or two, I may even write a new story or …

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Happy Hour at the Jean Cocteau Cinema

Happy hour at the Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe, with the best spicy margarita I’ve ever had. Nice way to loosen up a bit before an interview. The Guinness chips were…interesting.


Took half an hour to walk around downtown Santa Fe a bit more before last night’s events. As a politician, I did not buy anything at the hat shop. I thought crashmurderbusiness was a pretty cool cafe name, with its explanatory logo.