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Pretty Trees

NY trip: I never quite finished posting photos from my NY trip. It’s like I’m holding you captive in my living room with my slide projector. Look! And this is a tree! And this is another tree! They’re pretty trees, though. This is from a park near where my writer friend Sam J. Miller lives, …

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We Couldn’t Stop Eating It

Dinner at my sister’s place in New York, with her family and Angeline Martyn. Mir Mo Ga just ‘threw together’ some dishes, on a work night, out of what she had in the fridge. Delicious! The standout dish was an incredibly good mushroom & greens (spinach?) bread pudding, made with vegan cheese (Conscious Cultures). We …

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The Horses Amused Me

New York. Managed a flying 30 minute catch-up with an old friend (didn’t make it to her gallery, but if you’re in the Bronx, swing by the Geary Gallery!), and an hour lunch with another old friend (didn’t manage to get a pic with Tasos, but I did photograph my Thai lunch at The Hugh, …

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New York Subway Art

New York: one of the most beautiful subway stops I’ve encountered — with all the interconnected tree imagery, gorgeously laid out, it felt like an art museum. I don’t remember which one it is, though — something near the Battery ferry terminal, I think.

Twin Lights Lighthouse

NJ Highlands: Twin Lights lighthouse (I didn’t have time for a tour, sadly, but maybe I’ll get back there someday). Me and Alex on a hike. And refrigerator tree, Susan Lee called this — the tree feels cool to the touch, very weird. Aka Madrone Tree (Arbutus menziesii). “In June and July, Madrones shed all …

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Masks At the Airport

Quick travel note that at Newark, masks only required for boarding, flight, and deplaning. Most people still wearing masks in rest of airport, but expect that will drop off quickly.

She May Be the Cutest

Squeezed a LOT into this NJ / NY writing weekend, including a dinner with my sister’s family. Lovely to get some time with my niece Savreen — in a few short hours, we made a butterfly book, built a Magnatile castle, played pretend with bunny finger puppets, demonstrated ballet dance moves (that was just her, …

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