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Tried Supernatural VR

Tried out Supernatural VR app — basically like Beat Saber, but 360, which is a little harder and more interesting, with more squats and lunges, and more of a gym / exercise / dance vibe. Free for the first 30 days, $20 / month thereafter, so am planning to try it for a month, see …

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A project that crystallized last week

So, I think I’m ready to talk a little about this new project that crystallized last week. (Photo of dragonfruit chocolate bars ‘crystallized’ for inspiration.)   There are multiple elements coming together in this, things I’ve been working on and thinking about for a long time. I’m still not positive of what the final shape …

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Alpha-test RPG

Thanks again to folks who came out to alpha-test my first RPG. It went really well, I think! Benjamin Rosenbaum‘s game, Dream Apart, is about a marginalized community in the shadow of a majority. Mine isn’t quite that — I was more interested in exploring how everyday people create family (found or otherwise), and how …

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Paper Crane, on Paperwhites

When you’re cleaning up the morning after board game night, and suddenly discover that a little crane has alighted in your kitchen’s paperwhites. Thanks, Nara!  Surprise smiles are the best.

Cup Game

Kevin and Kavi came by L!VE Café and Creative Space at the end of my Serendib House sale session yesterday, to help me pack up and load the car. Once we’d put everything in bins and suitcases, I went to grab the car and pull it around to the front — and came back to find them …

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