Code Names

Played Code Names online tonight with Alex, Jed, Dan, and Dan’s kids (aged 10 and 13), while also hanging out on Zoom. I’d say 10 was a little bit young for this game, but manageable; 13 was totally fine.

The game was notably slow and crash-y tonight, which I’ve never noticed before — we’re theorizing that they have esp. high usage for Thanksgiving weekend, and it’ll be back to normal next week.

Hope so, anyway, as I want to play it more, and introduce more friends to it — Alex and Dan (and kids) hadn’t played before, and they liked it, which is very satisfying. I love prosletyzing games effectively. 🙂

Alex was in Hawaii, Dan and Jed in California, me in Chicago. Many time zones apart, but for a few hours, we were together. 🙂


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