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Dinner and Board Games

Writing retreat, Santa Fe. Yesterday, Susan and Alex came by for dinner and board games after a day of writing. Susan brought me green chili cornbread and green chili mustard which was so delicious, I could not stop eating it. I’m taking the rest of the jar home for Kevin; I think green chili mustard …

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Stealing Acorns from Jed

Little one-minute Acron video from yesterday — Jed is a VR tree, Anand is a squirrel on his iPad stealing acorns from the tree. I need to take some video of Anand as tree at some point, as he’s much more active than Jed (or I). It’s funny.

Mousquetaires du Roy

Played a fun new game with Jed yesterday. Made me want to go watch a Three Musketeers movie. Mousquetaires du Roy (…/78954/mousquetaires-du-roy). (Published in 2010.)

The Captain is Dead!

With Jed visiting (he arrived Friday, yay!), I finally had a chance to play a game I was gifted for my birthday, The Captain is Dead! It’s a fun cooperative game, Kavi joined in too, and although we got completely destroyed the first time we played, we didn’t really understand all the gameplay at that …

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Women’s Board Game Group Session Last Night

First time post-pandemic. Just four of us, which was pretty perfect, actually. A couple of us knew Photosynthesis, so we taught that, and then a few people who knew Everdell taught the two of us who didn’t. Both great games, so nice to hang out with people and be normal again.

Enchanted Plumes

Another little game from Jed’s — Enchanted Plumes. You play feather cards to build peacock plumes. Simple, quick to play, v. pretty. He sent me home with a copy and Kavi and I played yesterday, had fun!


Here’s another game, and this one’s for the knitters out there — ArchRavels. Fun casual game of pattern building and set collection, where you gather yarn and knit projects for points — it takes about 30 minutes to play with 2 people; it goes up to 4 players. Jed beat me, but just barely. I …

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