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Favorite Dish in the OPALGA Potluck

OPALGA October potluck; I was very tired, but it was nice to stop by for a hour, eat some good food, and chat with queer friends and allies; always rejuvenating, being in that space. Favorite dish was the hot cheese, artichoke, jalapeño dip — I went back for seconds, even though I was full…

Tokaido and Photosynthesis

Little pics from board-gaming yesterday. I learned Tokaido, which is a fun 30-minute game where you’re a tourist in Japan, seeing the sights, eating, visiting hot springs and temples. The slower you can go, the more points you get. I didn’t win, but I did get to spend a lot of time relaxing in hot …

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So Far Today:

– 6:30 a.m., get up, bring in grocery delivery from porch, bake Pillsbury crescent rolls in the hope that Kavi will eat something before taking the PSAT, make tea – 7:15 a.m., hand Kavi 2 crescent rolls (which she will eat in the car, triumph), and drive her to the high school for the PSAT …

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Knitting and D&D

John came over and ran a little one-off D&D campaign for me and Anand this morning. Fun! If any other locals are interested in joining us again in a month or so, let me know! Knitting and D&D go really well together.

Way to Represent

Last bit of WisCon was playing a final game of Terraforming Mars with Benjamin, after we drove back to my house on Monday. I taught him the colonies expansion, and even though it was his first time playing with them, he came very close to beating me — the final score had me ahead by …

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Home-Made She-Ra

I spent a little time watching Benjamin Rosenbaum and Dan Percival play Ben and his son Noah’s home-made She-Ra game (which Kavi played with Ben last time he was visiting). Very fun game, but it is, of course, only for very strictly limited play with Ben in person at the moment, since it’s not authorized. …

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Of Course I Like It

Jed taught me and Anand a new game today, sort of like Tsuro. I would tell you what it’s called, but I’m not sure he actually told us. I won by a mile, so of course, I like it.